Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Moving toward Thanksgiving -

It may be that for many of us Thanksgiving began when Pennsylvania went for Obama and we knew he had won, but I find myself this morning checking out the Thanksgiving recipes in the NY Times, and in reading an article on the art of making gravy, I come across this gem.

“I cook my roux for a full hour,” said Tina Meche, a cook in St. Mary Parish, in Louisiana, who says she counts the time in glasses of red wine consumed (one every 20 minutes). “I think a pale gravy looks undercooked and kind of raw, but that’s just how I was raised.”

Three glasses of wine while she stirs a roux for an hour.  It brings a smile and lights the day.  I want to meet this woman and see if she is still standing by the end of the meal.   Happy feasting in all ways.  

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