Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Sunday Morning!

Since I went through chemo, I rarely listen to music.  It is as though my nervous system is too easily stimulated, but this morning I am listening to Ashana's beautiful CD All Is Forgiven,  and looking out on the ice that covers the deck.  I rose this morning thinking my heater must be broken since it was running away as though dollar bills were not attached to its use, but I see that it was doing its job and adjusting the house to the low temperature at which it is set.

This poem puzzled me.  When I first read it, I picked the number one.  One multiplied by nine is nine, one digit.   Hmmm!

Then, I finally tried all the numbers.  Ah!

I plan to walk to Piatti this morning for brunch.  It will be a brisk walk along the bay.  The tide will determine whether I see birds floating or munching in the marsh.   Peace!

Denmark, Kangaroo, Orange

by Kevin Griffith

Pick a number from one to ten. Okay, now multiply that number
by nine. You will have a two-digit number. Add those two digits.
Now subtract five from that number. Take that number and find
its corresponding letter in the alphabet (1=A, 2=B, etc.). Now
think of a country that begins with that letter. Now name an
animal that begins with the last letter of the country. Finally, name
a fruit that begins with the last letter of that animal.


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