Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

March -

It is a blustery, beautiful March day.  We had rain in the night and now some clouds that look like clouds Winnie the Pooh would choose to aid in his honey hunt.

I woke to an intriguing and affirmative dream.  I had walked down to the end of my street and was chatting with my neighbors, and then, we noticed a place where a huge wave was breaking and spraying over the rocks.  I walked over and held on to one rock, hoping to see if I could stay clasped to the rock while salt water poured over me, but the waves became gentle and didn't even approach.  I  felt the anticipation and then, the knowing that I am cared for, safe.  The universe gently provides.  I walked back up a hill I had never noticed before and it was covered with lights, and I thought of how much surrounds us that we don't usually notice.  I woke in my own bed and let the peace, love, and support of the dream sink in.  I love the feeling of living blessed.

Three police officers were killed in Oakland yesterday and one, critically injured.  The Bay area grieves.

I continue to read that these bail-outs are going to destroy us, that it can't sustain, and I continue to hope these are warnings more dire than required right now and I suppose we never know.   Peace is this moment as the air stirs exuberantly in the welcome of spring.

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