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Change -

I sit this morning with change. I suppose there are times we notice it more. This is a time of year when each day appears noticeably shorter. We are watching the daylight trade hands with night. I again light candles to augment our dinner.

These words of Angeles Arrien have been my guide this week. "Don't be attached to outcome, but open to outcome."

I think it is a fine balance on knowing when to "push through" and when to compromise and when to back off. In the moment, I have compromised, in an attempt to stimulate movement, and I'm sitting with that.

My feet are still firmly touching the ground, while also enjoying a lilting, little float, a sweet, gentle lift at the top. I'm okay with the decision because I recognize it allows me to move on. Sometimes there is a place for that. I feel a softening in this place of trust.

My decision was inspired by a fleet of dolphins, first one, then, many. Actually just the one would have been enough. I went to the beach for a "sign," something to help me decide, and as I mentally asked, I saw a dolphin jump from the water. I walked down to the water and dolphins were swimming and jumping all about. My heart was a light.

I see that each moment can be met with intensity and held with vision. I continue to realize that when I'm on the right track, there is a little smile at my feet. Dolphins are dancing. I walk on the curve of their leaps and smiles.

I believe in the richness of this world we share, the play.

For more on Angeles Arrien, look here:



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