Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Glass Teat!

Years ago, I appreciated the insights in the book by Harlan Ellison, The Glass Teat. He wrote of the mesmerizing quality of television, the passivity, of what is scientifically proven to be a changing of brain waves. Knowing all that, I am still absolutely astonished by this article. We keep wondering why people don't "wake up," don't speak up. Well, they truly are asleep, so mentally out of it, that they don't even fast-forward through commercials on a DVR. What was supposed to be the end of advertising is just the beginning. This article is sobering, as if you weren't already sober enough.

I can't find an icon depressing enough to represent this, so return us to the 1900's when the future was before us, and activity and imagination were rich.


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