Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Contentment -


The theme of my days is contentment.  I am at peace.  I don't find much to write in this place of content, containment.  I feel cradled and full.  I have been reading Temple Grandin and she speaks of an animal's need to seek.  Perhaps seeking is balanced for me right now.  I feel alive, alert, awake, curious, and content, open to what now presents.  Perhaps it is trust.  I trust the world right now to give me what I need.

Yesterday I attended a party in SF, at a lovely park near Stern Grove, the day of the Bay to Breakers, a day I would normally not consider driving in the city but I got up early and drove south to Pacifica, a place I've often driven by but never stopped.  I took one exit and there was no place to eat, but the next one looked promising.  I parked and walked one block to the ocean and there was a restaurant opening for breakfast just as I walked up at 8:00.  I was seated by the window with an ocean view.  I was the only non-local.  Everyone else had their morning Sunday table.  I walked about and sat on a bench carved from a log.  There was one surfer.  The waves were small.  It was then easy to approach the city from the south and I enjoyed a wonderful party and drove home along the coast where there were still a few revelers.   I passed a group of Smurfs in white tights, tops, and hats, their blue paint a bit smudged and there was a butterfly and a few others but all was quiet.  The fog was in, the day cool and subdued and today is gray with the promise of rain.

I read of the majesty of trees, of what we can learn from trees and look out on the redwood that graces my yard.  I look around, this moment, enough, this moment,  content.  

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