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I read the news this morning balanced on tragedy and joy, trying to hold it all as one in my heart.   Steve had tests yesterday and we await the results.   Daily it seems I learn of a medical problem in someone I know.  The New Yorker has an excellent article on how we need to talk about the end of life.   From what I hear, the problem is often with those who do not want to let their "loved one" go.  I keep trying to cultivate non-attachment, but the more I try, the more I see how firmly entrenched I am.    I want those I love "here".    


It seems a time for the wisdom or was it the folly of Don Quixote:

For a knight errant to run mad for some actual
reason or other - there would be nothing
praiseworthy or meritorious in that.  The 
perfection of it consists in running mad without
the least constraint or necessity.

- Don Quixote
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