Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

vitamin D

It is a well-studied mystery why where I live has the highest level of breast cancer in the world.  Men aren't immune either.  When I participated in a fashion show for "breast cancer survivors," a wonderfully dapper man was one of the models.  He loved the attention, but I think it frightened us all.  We think of this as affecting women, not men.

As I say, we are well-studied here, and I fill out forms on what I eat, how I exercise etc.  The latest study suggests that vitamin D could be a factor.  I think we who live here are good about wearing sun screen, hats, and long-sleeves.  We heed the warnings on skin cancer, and may not be getting enough vitamin D, or at least processing it as well as we could.

I suggest we all start taking extra vitamin D.   My doctor has told me to, but I've been inconsistent with it.  I'm feeling motivated now and I know this study is not conclusive, and is only a start, but it seems like vitamin D is a wise way to participate in our own health care.

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