Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


My daily practice lately is to notice and encourage inhalation, a pause, exhalation, a pause.  

When I see a list today of the possible 2016 Democratic presidential "hopefuls," I can't believe it.  Why can't we appreciate that this election is over, and give political news a break?

Imagine a whole day with a white page where the news might be.  Perhaps just pictures of the snow back East, would emphasize the importance of silence, softness, pause.

I think this continual bombardment is not healthy.  I think we all need a rest.  I suggest everyone take a break except the nurses, doctors, etc. who are doing something worthwhile.   Let's pay all the political pundits to be silent, for a day, or two, or three.  Will the world fall apart?  I sincerely doubt it, and if it does, I'm sure we can all get to work and put it back together again.   Humpty Dumpty was an egg sitting on a wall.  We can pull back from the edge and sit peacefully for awhile.   
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