Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Shared Joy -

I just learned that the word "blog" was coined in 1999 and entered the dictionary in 2004, which is considered record time.  I think I first heard the word in the fall of 2005 when my son suggested I write one.

Today I was walking along wondering why we struggle to receive a compliment when a man yelled down to me that I have a beautiful smile.  I said, "Thank you," and he replied, "Thank your parents," and that sent me into a wonderful reverie about my parents.  It also allowed me to understand the expansiveness of who we are and what we share.

Yesterday, someone said they struggle to receive a compliment.  Today allowed me to feel how clearly a compliment is not "personal" but is an expansion of shared joy.    

I woke not feeling particularly well, and then, I continued pushing along, until I realized I really didn't feel well and came home and slept, and now I feel part of the world again.  It's rare that I don't feel well, and I wasn't really sure what to do with "it", until I settled on acceptance and sleep.  Maybe all I needed was some integration time.  It seems these days that life enters deeply and I need to pause and let the pieces find their place to be within a whole that is more than I am often able to see.
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