Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Sunday Morning!

What is there about Sunday?  Such peace.  I was born on a Sunday.  Perhaps I relate to something through that.

Last Sunday, the family gathered for a champagne picnic on Mt. Tam.  I learned about geocaching, and through that we found an old car that had fallen off the road and down the steep banks of Mt. Tam.  Well, to be honest, I saw pictures.  Jeff and Chris made their way down and back up.  I sat in a circle of rocks, and then under some trees.  What I learned is how much more we see when we are looking for something.  We found a little plant that someone had left under a tree with a view of the city, bay and ocean.  We might have missed it, and yet there it was, gently tucked.

I had a biopsy on something on my leg a few weeks ago and it did come back cancer though not the "bad kind" I am told, so on May 28 the doctor will cut and stitch.  I wish I weren't bothered by that word cancer but I am.  I don't know how many times I've written that we used to think cancer was a death sentence and yet here I am.  Today I read an article by Michael Pollan in the NY Times called "Some of My Best Friends are Germs."  We are an amazing composite, a busy home.  We continue to find new ways to think of ourselves more expansively, so now I know there are cancers that are not "bad".  I didn't bother asking for a more professional terminology.  Do the words really matter?

What it means though is that I have enjoyed a beautifully aware week.  What I do is done with consciousness and grace.  I am determined to finish my book, and I received my manuscript back from a lovely woman and I say, dear friend, though I've only met her in person twice, but she feels close to me.  She loves it and had a few comments, and so I am back in seeing how much each word matters, each space for breath.  From Susan, pageeater, I learned to read each word out loud, and with reverence, and through her, I met Amrita.  I met Susan through Jeff, bardcat.  We are amazingly connected here, and we are Dear Friends.  

I know it is a ridiculous cliche to say to live in this moment as though it is the first and the last, but, really, it is truly so.  Blessings to us all!
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