Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


The morning fog is in and the day is wrapped in softness.  It clears in the afternoon leaving a moist tint.  I love the balance of starting enclosed and then opening out.  This has been a year of magnificence.  Butterflies, birds, and flowers abound.  It is as though the light speaks.  I keep wondering if I forget, or if this truly is the most marvelous of years.  Perhaps it is I who is changed.  I am open to the touch of light, the stroke of my heart reaching out to receive and beam.

I may have mentioned that our neighborhood has an email group where all sorts of things are exchanged.  Today a father posts that his 8 year old son wants to learn Swahili.   I'm curious to see what the response to that will be.  I know we are a reasonably diverse community but that seems a little on the edge, at least among people I know, and I hope there is someone in the "hood" who will be delighted to teach a young child Swahili.  We often have lemonade stands set up by children, but this last weekend some little ones had a juggling stand.  You could watch them juggle.  I know there is great discussion on disconnection, but more and more it seems to me the net is bound with openness of exchange.
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