Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


It's quite a city with development along the river front that is wonderful.   I enjoyed a 90 minute architectural boat tour ride today.  Docents volunteer their time to talk about the history and buildings.  There was a time when the river was polluted and undesirable so buildings faced away, maybe even toward a parking lot, but now the river is cleaned up and to have a balcony overlooking the river is an expensive gift.  I walked to Millennium Park and listened to live music, but it is mobbed and hot and I see that though I love walking everywhere, I'm not, at heart, a city person.  I think of a park as a place to rest, but maybe because of the influx of people for the Blackhawk celebration, it is crowded, really crowded.  I walked by a store selling Blackhawks merchandise and it was mobbed though the air conditioning bursting out the door held open by a line-up of people was refreshing

I'm in my afternoon wilt.  I love Chicago, love sitting and walking by the river, and being on it, but it is quite a mob scene right now.  I'm happy to tuck before dinner, and then another venturing out.  I'm seeing that this time of year this is a two shower a day town, and that's okay but I ran out of steam before I got to the Art Institute or much of a walk along the Lake.  And there is tonight, and tomorrow.  I'm grateful for time for all.
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