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This weekend I participated in a poetry workshop led by John Fox and Janet Childs. Here is information on both:



I sit here now this morning, changed. I had let poetry slip away with me, have been working with writing a book, working very left-brain, and I forgot the magic of words, the poetry. I am grateful to John, Janet, and the others in the group.

Poems are flowing now. Heart energy is tapped.

John Fox shared with us the Seven Gifts of Poetry. I offer them to you now. Feel how your heart is touched, the heart in each and every cell.

The Seven Gifts from John Fox, CPT, from Seven Gifts: Poetry as a Pathway for Renewal.

1. Poetry and poem-making offer a renewal - the discovery of meaning and connection.

2. Poetry and poem-making provide a way to sharpen your practice of mindfulness.

3. There is a physical, somatic component of poetry's healing action.

4. Poetry and poem-making offer a sense of magic and imagination.

5. Poetry and poem-making are a way of asking questions, where the question is not in search of an answer. The question is asking to be held.

6. Poetry and poem-making are a catalyst for relationships infused with compassion, vulnerability and courage.

7. Poetry and poem-making create something meaningful to be shared with another. We are made bigger and renewed by such sharing.

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