Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I am carefully dressed in red as requested and ready to drive into the city for Mitchell's 49 days after his death ceremony.

We will let him go and send him on his way.  I feel oddly happy, as though this is an expansion for us all, an expansion I am invited to share.  I feel Mitchell so with me, as a part of me, and we never actually met in person, only first through the blog, and then, in an email exchange with his mother, and yet, I feel I participate in his life and in his death.  I am grateful his parents have invited me into their lives and experience.   For those of you who are new to my blog, Mitchell died at the age of fifteen and a half after struggling mightily for ten months to survive what was not survivable.  He gave us all an extra ten months of joy, courage and strength as he allowed us time to let him go.  

Think of Mitchell today and his expanded life.

I was roving through the most-read articles in The Atlantic and I came upon the following.  It seems many of my friends are saying how much they want to hibernate this time of year.   Read this and feel comforted.  If you are an introvert, of which I think most of my friends are, you might need an hour or two recuperation time for each hour spent with others.  Read and enjoy!   The article may or may not be written tongue in cheek, but certainly it gives permission to say, "I need some time alone," and have it be okay for you and for others.


Happy saying goodbye to the end of one year as we stretch toward the next!

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