Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

We are warned big storms come.   I am prepared.  We made a fire tonight and lit candles and all is calm.  I do hope they are right and this storm brings enough rain to get our numbers up to normal.   It is odd to have it so still when the warnings are so dire.  

Today while walking along the marsh, I saw a gull catch and eat a crab.  I also saw a Great Blue Heron, egrets, and an avocet.  The tide was low, and food was plentiful.  

My new checks came in a flat envelope.  I was puzzled until I realize it is now my job to put the box together that holds them.  I wonder who came up with that brilliant idea.

I read in the book on Tibetan Buddhism by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche that:

    "The channel of disturbing emotions is located at the base of the ring finger. If a person becomes psychotic, tying a cord around his ring finger and applying pressure often helps a lot."

    That is useful to know, and then, there is this.

    "Breath, or wind, relates very closely to consciousness. By controlling the breath or the wind, one will never become insane.  People go mad because of lacking control over the wind."

    I remember that my moods used to have more movement, and then, one day I envisioned myself as an hourglass, and living centered in the middle.   That works to settle me, and perhaps ties me to my breath, to the middle way. 

    I bought a new address book today and am enjoying writing names and addresses by hand.  Steve considers that ridiculous and says I should do it in Outlook, but when the power is out, I will still have access, although now I'm realizing that today's phones need power.  Oh, well!!  It's a funny world.  It just keeps turning and we adaptable beings continue to keep up and not fall off.   Perhaps we are all holding our ring fingers as we sleep. 

    Enjoy, and do a little rain dance tonight.  Not too big a dance.  Don't be greedy.  Honor the middle path.


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