Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Causing a Stir -

I came a cross a little jewel of a book called Causing a Stir, the secret lives and loves of kitchen utensils by Prartho Sereno.  You won't look into your kitchen drawer quite the same way again.   Taste!


        by Prartho Sereno

At the edge of the stove, inside the thicket
    of wooden spoons, and serving ware,
          the Wise Woman sits.  Patient.
                Unperturbed.  Whole.

    Sister of the Sundial, cousin to the wheel,
  daughter of the ancient hollowed-out gourd,
Some say her greatest grandmother was born
       of the Big Bang.  Look north, they say,
        and see her face echoed in the stars.

 But look also to the ground.  Rice and onion,
  salt and bone.  Yes, she is made of stardust,
       but she can bring us back to the earth
             from which we were made.

       Come to the table.  Empty yourself.
                   Set out your bowl.


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