Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I wake this morning feeling well. The timing is perfect, then, for another chemo treatment. : ) It is planned just right.

I read of the race between China and India to be the major power in 2100, and I find it sad that education and vision are neglected in this country as our legislators argue about irrelevant issues. I am trying to stay out of the political arena until I heal, but, to me, it becomes more and more obvious that education is the issue, and that issue is not being addressed in this country right now. Sweden has 100% literacy. I go on-line to check out literacy in the US. The figures are dismal and going down. If Americans cannot understand a complex, or even a simple sentence, how can they dismantle the sound-bites to vote? Well, we are seeing that they cannot. I find it sad, and I am glad to feel well today. I am expansive enough today to hold both, and maybe much, much more. : )

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