Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

How spoiled I am -

Steve and I are back at the office.  Okay, we are wimps.  We spent a beautiful afternoon by the fire, enjoying the flames, reading great books,  sharing scintillating conversation, and we are cold.  I don't know if we got chilled in the rain, or what, but we can't seem to get warm, despite proper layering of clothes,  blankets, a fire, and numerous candles, so we have returned to the office where there is heat and light and an internet connection.   We figured it was too early to go to bed, and we should wait until at least 9, though I think last night we might have climbed in under all our covers at 8.  As Steve said, it is a wonder we didn't emerge looking like Gumby, I had piled so many blankets and so much down on the bed.

We are wondering why, since there was little rain today, and no wind, PGE could not have restored our power, but, no....  

It has not been 48 hours and it is not a problem until it is, so tomorrow at 6 AM, I expect great things to happen.   Actually we were camping happily until I looked out and saw lights on the hill.  We went outside and heard a great deal of noise, generators.  We have lived in this house for thirty years and when the power is out, the power is out, but now, the houses which have sold and been torn down and rebuilt at many times the size, well,  now the sound of generators reverberates in the newest homes on our streets.  

Hmmmm!   So, we cheat, too, and come down to Steve's office where it is warm and someone sent me a hilarious piece on Jack Webb from Dragnet and a young Johnny Carson, and I admit it.  I am addicted to the internet!!

Now, I hear something funny from Steve's computer.   I feel like I have one foot in the world of my youth and the other in the modern one, and the middle of me is filled with laughter and love.  This world is hilarious.

Actually, I must admit that though my childhood was spent in Iowa, I do not remember the power going out.

My first experience that I recall of a power outage was in this house that is ten minutes from San Francisco, a modern metropolis or so I sometimes think.  I live in the best of all worlds.

I am supposed to go to Wildwood tomorrow with Frieda, my son's fiancee, and her mother and grandmother and all the bridesmaids.  I think there are five.   I tried to point out that if it is raining and the tide is high, I may be stuck. at my home  They think I'm nuts.   It looks like the weather is cooperating though and we have checked the tide table and so tomorrow I journey to Guerneville and then 1200 feet above to the site of their wedding in July.

Again, I can only laugh.  I have a very funny, fun-filled life, and I am spoiled as spoiled can be, and maybe, just maybe, that is okay with me. 

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