Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Hippocratic Oath!!

My son Jeff's wife Jan is a doctor.  She entered the field of medicine with certain desires, such as helping people, and has not done the best things for her own health in enduring the book camp mentality and absolute cruelty of the residency program.  

She sends me this article. 


A good friend works for Kaiser.  So as not to jeopardize her job, I will not share her name, only say that I struggle with hearing the advertising game when it involves the field of medicine and health.

When Jan graduated from her residency program, we went to the graduation and tears filled our eyes as we listened to the speeches of each graduate and the dedication exhibited.

Doctors care for patients.  They take and honor an oath of care, responsibility and no harm.   Let's honor them in the same way and give them tools and support to do their job.  

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