Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning flow -

Jane and I start our engines, begin -


I wake, feeling well.
Birds are singing.
The sky is graced with clouds.
I feel within -
This is a cinch!
I can do this!
My posture is straight,
re-inforcing that I feel great  -
I can’t even imagine the other here -
the throat that blanches
at the sight and smell of water -
my throat this morning is open and clear -
and I’m not hungry in this place -
not stuffing food down
to assure I'm awake -
I am awake,
and dancing on the tips
of stars I shake,
chocolate, strawberry, vanilla -
I do not break. 




mandu led
to his new heated bed
by the scent of catnip -
meow, and more, he says -
this cat, catered to, by many -
and what he gives back
could never be gathered -
he opens the sun
and spreads it like butter
on Mars -



hmmm -

I feel open as candy bars,
split to share -
I look out across the valley -
huge homes now,
and I see that for the first time,
I may be visible,
here in this room,
that was always so private,
with only trees, birds, and  sky,
peering in - but this morning
I see that someone with a telescope
might look, perhaps,
and do I care,
as I open up my brain
and sweep out cobwebs
and wipe away strain -

Someone may be looking at us,
from the end of time,
as we look at the beginning -
looking, seeking, searching,
aren’t we always
involved in a game
to see a little more,
probe and soar,
knowing if we pause,
and stagnate,
that we’ll be no more. 



what is this balance
of being and doing
I teeter-totter the sun
and the moon,
up and down they go
being and doing
the moon in reflection
the toes aglow




my body so adaptable
it keeps coming back
to its place
further down the stream
where the eddies pause
and the stones
are cream



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