Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Our power is on.  Steve's diligence with the phone calls to PGE paid off.  Many of our neighbors are still without power.  Some have checked into motels.  They want heat, light, and internet connection.  

It is odd when the lights come on.  All the romance of candle and firelight is gone.  What a mess!!

Steve suggested this morning that the whole country might benefit from an experience like this,  two or three days a year.  It would be scheduled in so people could prepare, but we would then see how most of the world lives, well, partially, at least, since it seems almost everywhere in America there is a Starbucks nearby with internet connection and caffeine up and running.   I enjoyed seeing the children still in their pajamas in Starbucks with their raincoats over them.   That was fun.   There was a sense of community and people were amazingly upbeat, perhaps, until yesterday.  The wilting began.  

Anyway, I was thinking that once a week of this experience might be a good reminder, and then, I remembered the bequest to rest on the seventh day.  How could we have strayed so far?  It is fairly recent that stores are open seven days a week, in my lifetime anyway.  Recent is relative, as is comfort.   Today I am dressed for summer because just turning my heat to 62 and seeing the sun and finally getting warm, I feel like I'm in a heatwave. 

I am going to schedule in days without power once in awhile.  I think it is good and I feel like I learned that I could be more adaptable.  I now have added a New Year's Resolution to my list, adaptability.  May it be so.

I kept thinking over the last few days how "Suffering is wanting things to be different than they are."   It is a good reminder for me in my new road toward adaptability.

Though the power is on,  my energy level is down.   We did an exchange, the external world and I.  I feel a bit discombobulated with all that now "needs" to be done, and, soon to be, adaptable am I.

Have fun, and enjoy!

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