Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

I love this!!

There is a wonderful letter to the New Yorker this week in response to Sam Zell's comment that he deserves what he makes because he works so hard.   I place the letter here.

"Sam Zell, according to Connie Bruck, defends his wealth by reminding us that he "works (his) ass off every day!"  (Rough Rider," November 12th).   This argument has two distinct flaws.  First, I suspect that most drug dealers also work very hard for their money, but we don't factor that into our opinion of their profession.  Second, a typical gardener also "works his ass off," yet is lucky to earn fifteen dollars an hour for his effort.  If by hypothetical comparison, Zell worked a grueling three thousand hours last year and earned fifty million dollars, his hourly rate was $16,667.  Apparently, the issue is less about the work than about the ass doing it."

Vincent Gizzi

East Hampton, N.Y.


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