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Paper -

I have become comfortable reading a great deal of news on-line, so most likely consume less paper than in the past, and I am fascinated with this bit of news.  It is from an article by Katharine Merow in Orion magazine.  It seems paper is being made from poop.

"In 2000, Asawawibulkij devised a way to combine disposal of the elephant dung abounding in his native Thailand with protection of the gentle giants who produce it."

Cellulose fibers are extracted from the dung and made into notebooks, greeting cards and bookmarks.  The profits from the sales go into feeding and caring for the elephants at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center.

How clever to realize that "a sizeable fraction of the plant material that goes in one end of a herbivore comes out the other with cellulose fibers little worse for wear."



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