Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Gail Collins on Hillary -

Perhaps we are all beginning to get a bit tired of hearing about the election and the polling mistakes due to economic levels and unstated prejudices on race, and on and on, but I think Gail Collins offers a fresh perspective amidst it all.   Check it out if you are so inclined: 


The problem as I see it is that it just goes on too long.  I propose a thirty day window in which the candidates could run around and speak.  Then we would all vote in the primary on the same day.  

It would be enough!

Wikipedia says about the Super Bowl. "A 17th bye-week has been added for TV exposure."

Hillary Clinton says the election process is not a game.  It certainly seems like politics and football are using the same playbook, and that is not to know when it's time to end the play.  


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