Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Baseball -

I don't watch many sports.  I used to be addicted to the 49'ers in the days of Montana and Rice, but have gradually slipped away.  Yes, I suppose I am one of those fickle fair-weather fans, or maybe it was seeing a television show on the injuries these players sustain and how, they, are in some ways, crippled for life.  I could not rationalize my conscience and watch.  I was also turned off by the price that advertisers pay, especially for the Super Bowl.  I used to make a list of the advertisers for the Super Bowl and vow never to buy their products.   Of course, if I stuck to that, I would be using pen and paper because I would have no computer at all.  

That said, my experience of baseball is that it is rather slow.  I have watched my share of Little League games and been to the wonderful new stadium in the city with the view of the bay.  I can't remember the name though as it is in continual change.   Baseball seems to me to be a game that requires instant focus when it is needed, and I would assume that the last thing a person who made it to the major leagues had was attention deficit disorder but now I read that the number of major leaguers claiming therapeutic-use exemptions for attention deficit disorder has increased to 103 this past season from 28 in 2006.

It seems that since amphetamines are banned, the players can claim attention deficit disorder and get stimulants. 

Why are we involved in drug regulation for these adults?  What does it matter except to the person involved if they use steroids, stimulants, herbs, or some other drug?   For some, their drug is religion.  Are we going to regulate that?  I personally would prefer that people be outside playing their own games, rather than sitting in the stands eating hot dogs and popcorn and watching others play, but people love to rally round their team.  We bond there, and probably have since the days of the cave.  

Anyone who has been to a grocery store the Monday after a big game, knows the shelves are stocked on statistics and the settling of bets.

It seems to me that there are some pretty major problems that need creative solutions.  Going over and over what drugs baseball players may or may not have used seems like one of the most ridiculous plays of our day.   Let's throw the ball and hit it out of the park for the environment, health care, roads, and parks.

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