Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Shambhala Sun -

Barry Boyce writes about the Dalai Lama in Shambhala Sun.

The Dalai Lama breaks the one verse, "Mind is devoid of mind, for the nature of mind is clear light," into three parts. 

""Mind is" tells us that mind, the source of pleasure and pain, and therefore suffering, is something we must attend to urgently; "devoid of mind" tells us that while we might try to treat mind as a concrete thing to be cured, there is in fact no such thing as mind to be found anywhere; and "for the nature of mind is clear light" tells us that when we see mind as insubstantial, dependent on relationships for its momentary existence, we come to know that mind is pure and pristine."

Food for thought as I sleep.    Maybe that is why my stomach decided to shut down tonight.  It wants something other than food to digest.


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