Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Hydrox cookies -

It is January after all so when the sun drops below the hill, it is cold.  I make some hot chocolate and settle into a chair with the Wall Street Journal.  There, I learn in a shocking expose by Christopher Rhoads that the Hydrox cookie is no more.  I am one of those who always chose Hydrox over Oreos.  There was no comparison in my book and it seems I am not alone.  Unfortunately, the Hydrox cookie is gone.  Kellogg Co, killed them off in 2003.   It shows the last time I've cruised the cookie aisle.  I usually pass quickly along with my head turned the other way.

Charles Clark, says eating Hydrox was "a badge of honor."   He says"Hydrox eaters tend to be independent thinkers, favor underdogs and be skeptical of marketing."   He says that even with Hydrox gone, Hydrox lovers will stay loyal.  They won't switch sides.

It turns out Hydrox cookies were kosher.  Oreos contain lard.  Hydrox were less sweet, crispier.  I remember that they had just the right amount of white cream.  It was perfect to separate the cookie and scrape off with your teeth. 

This year is the 100th anniversary of the Hydrox cookie.  If you need your fix, there are some who consider these cookies the closest:  Famous Amos, Tuxedos, Twisto's and the Paul Newman version called Newman-O's.

Of course, the healthy thing to do is not eat cookies at all, and I can still taste them in my elementary school lunch.  Hydrox cookies rule.  Oreos will never take their place.


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