Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

It is raining, a lovely, steady rain that offers sound and movement to my day.   Jane says even in the rain she can feel when the sun rises, can see the shift in light.  She can't see the actual rising even on a sunny day, but the presence is felt, the change to day.   Also, it is obvious that each day is a little longer.  We are shifting from night.

I just read Paul Krugman's The Conscience of a Liberal, which I think and feel is another must-read.

Jane and I sprung off of it this morning for our morning free-write.


In Corporate
Who wouldn’t want
the body –
its rootless freedom
its seeming wholeness
and completeness
its singularity
its voice
oh yes especially its voice
its unholy spectre
of death.
With a gift like that
we all would be
bitten by greed
and grow obese
on externalities
and subprime rib
defend our riches
with manufactured fear
and the lesser bodies
of all those
millions who
are starving
will die anyway.


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