Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My morning thoughts -

 In Response to Paul Krugman

        The Conscience of a Liberal

Something sits in my stomach today,

no, in my womb.

A baby rests there, some new way of being,

birthing my own need

to reach, connect, and speak.


There are a group of well-organized people

who are working to take over the United States,

to divide it into rich and poor, to eliminate

the middle class.

They don’t know the middle way,


the ethical joy of health care for all,

education, a pure way of being,

a conscience so clear the light shines through,

and illuminates each precious face,

that face, that is our own.


There is love, and there is fear.

How do we lean?

Do we contract, protect, build fences, walls?

Do we forget where we came from,

All of us, that empires rise and fall?


How short-sighted can we be,

how miserable?

Ronald Reagan lied about the welfare mother

in her Cadillac.   To him, it was a joke,

and children suffer, suffer, suffer,


and the clouds that hold the rain

look down and fall.

There can’t be happiness in theft

or greed.  Happiness is recognizing

we share this air we breathe.




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