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The New Yorker -

In the Jan. 28th New Yorker, George Packer has compiled an excellent article called The Choice.  He swings us back and forth between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  As I read the article, I think of the old quote by "unknown," that "people may not remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel."

Obama makes people feel good.  Clinton is still struggling with overcoming "her own history."   Packer suggests that reading their two books, Obama's Dreams from My Father, and Clinton's, Living History, will give a sense of the two different views of the presidency and leadership.

Both are likable, but come on, this is the presidency.  

You have to admire her determination, but he offers a vision.   She can sway some votes on the Senate floor. He can inspire a nation, a world. 

Of course the question is which one of them can beat John McCain.

The New Yorker also offers an illustrated BAGEL STORY by Dd.  I give you the words, because I think it is a simple guide to happiness.   Read it and smile.

    Plain Bagel -

    Multigrain Bagel -

    Bagel with Everything -

    Bagel Unhappy Despite Having Everything -

    Bagel reassessing its goals and values -

    Plain Bagel.


          We, too, sway.  

Right now, I would like a bagel with cream cheese, and politics at rest.


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