Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Ego vs. Destiny -

Jane and I spoke for a few minutes this morning as we do, and then, each wrote.  We then spoke again to share what came.  We realized we were both struggling to understand this subject of ego vs. destiny.   Our results are in different forms.  I struggle to understand how the candidates continue day after day, what motivates them.  Perhaps they truly do believe they are the only one  to change the world.  I always felt John Kerry didn't really have his heart in it, and I think Al Gore is comfortable where he is now.   Anyway, this is my exploration of the subject for myself.  I feel a bit sad this morning.   I think the three Democrats left standing at this point have good motivation and heart, and we need the one that can win, that can beat the Republicans.  It is looking like it will be McCain, and in this moment, I feel Barack Obama is the one who has the best chance to win in 2008.

The Campaign Trail


Where are the steps that lead us to our destiny

as easily as the hummingbird to the throat

of the flower,

the wings to the lift of the air.


Some people think they should be president

of the “greatest country in the world.”

They have ideas on how to lead,

are forceful in their speech,


and some hold back on dreams,

that may not be their own.

My two cats, Tiger and Bella,

live in union with their desire.


They eat, hunt, play, nap, sleep, all four paws

in agreement

with their way of life,

their family unit, their small tribe.

Any gene in them to lead is safe from organization

and speech after speech after speech.


Humans survive in relationship.

Is it ego or destiny,

that lubricates the head,

with the myth of the pride?



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