Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Sensory Awareness -

You may remember that my "homework" for the Sensory Awareness study group was in the first week to wake up, and feel what was happening as I woke, and to say what I was grateful for.

The second week we were to pay attention to our dressing routine and perhaps dare to change it.   Could I put my left leg on first, rather than the right?  Yes!!

This week we are to eat one meal a day alone, without reading or listening to music.  We are to pay close attention to "the physical sensations of eating, texture, taste, temperature, etc. of the food."   Before beginning to eat, we follow three breaths.

I just did that for my breakfast.   What an amazing experience still juicing in me.    Try it.

We are also reading Pema Chodrun's, wonderful little book, Practicing Peace in Times of War.

I recommend that too.   Eat one meal today, alone, and in silence.   Yum!    Feel and honor how beautifully your inner hums.

We are alive and can consciously choose to live and feast in that aliveness.  Awake!!


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