Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Today -

The moon in the sky this morning was a most precious little gem.  Perhaps I appreciate it more after days of rain.  It seems we have a clearing.

The architect Louis Kahn said, “The sun never knew how wonderful it was, until it fell on the wall of a building.”

Does the light of the sun know that through lighting the moon, it also lights me?

I read that John Edwards is quitting the race and I feel sad.  He brought important issues forward, and I strongly debated voting for him.  I know those who have already voted for him absentee and wonder what now happens to their vote.  It is why I waited.

Gandhi was assassinated sixty years ago today, the man who said "An Eye for An Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind."

When asked what he thought of western civilization, he replied that he thought it would be a good idea.

Mark Morford writes today on the 935 lies of Bush.   935 lies.  It is unfathomable, but someone counted.


Read it and weep.


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