Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

suffering and light -

I am still with this statement of Louis Kahn.

    “The sun never knew how wonderful it was, until it fell on the wall of a building.”

I know that suffering is wanting things to be different than they are.   I know I would like a white knight to dash in  and rescue this country and that is not how things work.  We learn as we work, each of us works with the shadow side of things, the dark.

I wonder if we need someone as horrific as Bush to be our wall, so we can feel superior somehow, can feel motivated even more strongly to work for change.

This country had become rather passive in accepting lies and a war based on lies.   Now, there is a backlash.  People care about this election.  They will vote.  Perhaps Bush is the wall of the building we've allowed to be built that lets us better see and feel our own light.

Take care.  I am taking a computer break today.  I have that achy feeling inside that tells me I have to see if the salmon have come to Muir Woods and check out how the mountain welcomes the rain and turns even more vibrant and green.

I need to get away from the computer hum and hear the hum of life.


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