Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

John Edwards -

I watched John Edwards speech of today.   That is what is so amazing about the internet.  I chose my time to watch.

He is inspiring when he speaks about One American that works for everybody.   He is the son of a mill worker, and I do believe he believes.  He spoke with both Hillary and Barack and both pledge themselves to his cause.  There was a part of me wanting all three, but we know it does not work to have rule by committee, and yet I feel each one brings something unique.   So, now, there are two, and we choose.

It is odd to hear all the discussions on how California will vote.   At least we are doing it in February this time and not June.   It truly is a goofy world, and that is okay, and obviously as it should be, or, at least, as it is.   Goofy rules!

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