Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

What an exquisite day!

I woke to begin reading from Parabola Magazine which is about Fundamentalism this issue, and worth picking up, I think and feel.

I offer this quote from Patrick Laude. "The enemy of fundamentalists is always "outside," never "within," which allows the soul to "play God" and judge and destroy whatever resists its totalitarian reduction. No wonder, therefore, that this idolatry of self may be used or appropriated by political forces that posture as religious."

In the guided imagery yesterday, I felt myself as a fawn curled up asleep among the roots of one of my favorite trees. One finds this tree by parking at Pantoll on Mount Tam, and then, walking out the Matt Davis trail toward the ocean and Stinson Beach. First, there are trees, and then, an emergence into light. I then walk toward "my tree" which overlooks the world, it seems to me. It is a wonderful journey to a place to reflect.

If you are perky, you can then drift on down to Stinson for a walk on the beach and lunch, and then, come back up Steep Ravine. If not so perky, just mosey on back. It works all ways. You can also walk across the mid-point of the mountain or even go up as my friend Sandy and I did one day when the fog was so thick we had no idea where we were. It is a lovely place.

May today be joyous for everyone. It seems quite special to me.

In wonderment,

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