Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I see it is almost noon, and I am just coming here to post.   Perhaps, I am not too filled with words today.  We are having a new front door installed, which means taking off the parts around it, which shows that yes, a new front deck is absolutely in order, now, and some bugs have been having fun, and you get the picture. 

I am sitting here, just thinking about the house and change.  The good news is that our house is well-ventilated so we don't have a problem with mold.  The flip-side is that it is rather cold.

I read Jon Carroll today and laugh, because I agree.  


I think it is the spontaneity we most enjoy and that can come from looking at the places where boards are removed.

I was in the area of Nepal of which Jon Carroll speaks, only I decided to push myself higher to 18,000 feet.  Not so smart.  I doubt I will return and yet I remember walking along those Nepalese trails thinking if I die right now, this is the way to go.

Jane and I are once again going through Breast Stroke, very specifically now, as we examine exactly what I was thinking and feeling.  The images were vivid for me,  real.  Perhaps there is something there, also, that I miss,  though it was a wee bit tough.

No one can live my life or know it, and yet we reach with words to try and explain.   We want another to "know" us.  We want to know ourselves and we look into the mirrors of family, friends, and yes, even people like Bush.

I've watched the sky today go from blue to gray.   My mind is more clear than it was two years ago and yet is anything really gained.   Is there anything to gain?   I guess today I sit rather pleased that I am here, and that being, in this moment, is enough.  There is nothing, in this moment, I want.  Oh, maybe a piece of chocolate from a Solvang candy shop and maybe, ....

No, in this moment, I am enough.

Happy February 1st!!

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