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Nutrition -

There is an article in the Economist discussing a study that will begin in three British prisons to study the value of nutritional supplements for prisoners.  Perhaps, the guards could benefit too.

"The trial will replicate, on a larger scale, a study carried out by Natural Justice, a British charity, and published in the British Journal of Psychiartry in 2002.   Then, 231 volunteers were given either capsules containing their official daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (such as omega-3's) or placebos.  The trial lasted for nine months and during that time the number of offenses committed by each prisoner was recorded. Those who received the extra nutrients committed an average of 26.3% fewer offenses than those who got the placebo.  For violent offenders, the reduction was 37%.

 Two years later a study in the Netherlands reached similar conclusions.  Indeed, the number of disciplinary offenses fell by almost half.  Supplements were deemed so cost-effective that they would allow prison services to be improved at the same time as saving money."

Who could argue with that?

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