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Razorwire posted this on Connection Well.   I bring it here. 


It's not the shade of difference in the vote tally that colors the views of the partisans, both see red with good reason. It's the hue and cry of "moral high ground" that now tinges this dispute with danger and frightens me.

Don't be foolish. There is no moral high ground in American politics. There never has been, there never will be.

Parties are people, and politics is propaganda. Sure they gin up the base with race baiting, or what would Jesus do, but they're no disciples, they're dissemblers. Any answer alchemists.

Come on, a political party will change positions quicker than a sailor on leave.

Parties are about power, not principle, and it's delusion to think otherwise.

Florida should free you of any notion that elections are noble. It's only a necessary first step in the democratic republican process. A process designed by practical men, of worldly understandings and political propagandists of the first order.

Men so suspect of governance by righteous indignation, the divine right, they designed a system that trumps any temporal high ground with a temple of practical political provenance. We are a nation of laws, not men.

Our founders tried to make clear that governance is a motley undertaking, a real world tapestry, best measured by a previous blue print. An outline agreed upon in cool understanding, not in the heat of contest. When disputes arise in the abstract, the courts fill in the blanks. That's our history, not the dictates of heaven.

Both political parties and their apologists have, by actions and outcry, moved this recount process dangerously close to a quicksand of contempt for the concept of the rule of law. They have attempted to sink the very institutions which constitutionally make those determinations.

We have moved from political shadings of events to lies in black and white and bold. Each party is so insistent on the righteousness of their cause and the higher ground they occupy that any deviation from their divined observations allow total demonizing of any and all that disagree.

We are close to painting our nation into a political corner. A coloring book commitment to party and it's personalities is no longer enough. We are asked to pledge a da Vinci-like commitment to the art of acquiring power, and swear to torch the canvas if we fail.


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