Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A wild and crazy night -

I went up to Book Passage this afternoon to see Jim Wallis from Sojourners speak about his new book, The Great Awakening.

His plane was late, and he had quite a harrowing ride from the airport.  He didn't expect anyone to be out in this weather, but the place was packed, and we enjoyed the wait in the cafe with a cheerful, friendly group of folk.

I have seen him speak before and he is quite a dynamic and extremely funny speaker.  I did buy his book so will be able to post some of the jokes, which I would never remember on my own. 

He is comparing Barack Obama to the British abolitionist William Wilberforce.   He says we need to unite around the force of hope.  He also pointed out that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are all three truly authentic in their religious beliefs, as opposed to the various Republicans who have hijacked, stolen, destroyed, misused, and abused any message that is meant to be there. 

The parking lot was flooded and one of the Book Passage people suggested we stay, but we headed out and I did make it home, though it was not my favorite kind of driving weather.

I didn't realize we were in for such a forceful storm, and we are safely tucked, with candles alight.  

We are certainly not going to have water rationing this year, and I hope the groundhogs' holes aren't flooding on their very special day.

The Chinese New Year is on approach and it is the Year of the Rat!

I imagine all creatures are tucked in for the night.   Though I've seen some budding on the trees, winter is clearly still firmly here. 

If you haven't seen the movie Amazing Grace about William Wilberforce, I recommend it.  It is inspiring indeed!

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