Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

This morning!

Softness this morning as I sit now absorbing what Jane and I share.  She tells me it is my job right now to tell you how I feel, and I am coming to understand that it is my job, and each of our jobs, to come to understanding of how we really feel.   Jane and I chose the word "Hop" this morning as our way to begin.  I thought I could do Hop.  Here is what came in my morning flow.

January 20, 2006 


Such a happy word.  Hop!!
Just saying it, my electrons jump
to new levels and frisbees spin -
I feel myself whirl like a top,
until the bones ask
for rest
and ways
to straighten
the waves of the aches,
and anchor the pain
that is guest.


I dial a wrong number this morning -
such a sweet voice at
7 AM -
A hopeful tone for the day
like seeing a bird
looping the ends of the sky
again and again


weariness in my bones,
achiness, pain -
I want to hop like a bunny,
but I am asked to sit
like the grass
and feel what dwells within -


a place to rest

the wind moves the grass,
nudges, the grass shifts back,

waving a flag

of persistence, insistence,

that strand  of life rising from the ground

producing oxygen,

and a place to lie down -



where jane goes

she throws the poem out
like a rope
and then lets go -
gathers it from the ground
and molds a crown
holding us all,
in gold -


nothing to push through
just spread the cells
like legs
and waltz on dew -


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