Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A Movement!!

Razorwire posted this morning that this with Barack Obama is no longer about politics.  It is a movement.  Jim Wallis said it yesterday.  This is a movement, a movement of people who care, who want to educate their children, help the poor and elderly, and honor the earth, their home.

This is where we all unite.

I spoke with someone yesterday, a dear friend, who when I spoke of the Super Bowl, thought I was talking about Super Tuesday.  She has no awareness of football.   She thought I did, because I have a husband and two sons.  I said I probably know more about what is going on in the football world than any of the three of them, which isn't to say that I know very much.

The point is this.  Where we all unite right now is in care.  We care about our families and our pets, and we really get that we share the same water, breath and air.  My happiness depends on yours.  Obama may not have everything pinned down and we don't care.  That is not the point.  Lincoln did not run for president planning to free the slaves, but then, it became self-evident that it was time for something to be done.  His cabinet was composed of those who had run against him.  They didn't all agree.  He wasn't a baby, living in the childish world of black and white, where you are either for me or against me.

This country has grown up, and our children might judge us for allowing credit card companies to throw credit cards at them like candy on their first day of college.  What does that teach?  I remember how hard we struggled to get our first credit card after we were married in 1971.  It was a big deal to get a gas card.   Now, we are told to buy, buy, buy, and on credit, no less.   The government is reaching right now to do a bail-out, for those who are rich.   Look who benefits from the government we have right now?   The super-rich!

Schwarzenegger would even take away our teeny-tiny state parks, a miniscule amount of a huge state budget, a budget that is bigger than that of most countries.  Why not sell the parks off and make them private, again for the very rich.   The lesson for the Bush years has been to follow the example of your country and spend, spend, spend what you don't even have.   Borrow, borrow, borrow against your children's future.  How irresponsible is that?

We see how happy people are right now.  How many people are on  anti-depressants?    Of course that could be because of the ads for said anti-depressants.  They themselves are depressing.  The numbers of those who come back from Iraq and commit suicide are too sad to post here right now, and yet what do we see on TV.  Ads for men to "get it up."  Is there nothing else one might be doing or concerned about right now?

  One wonders watching the Bushies if human beings aren't like the elk where one male fights to the top to impregnate all the females.  Of course, now our military contains both males and females, but there still seems to be something about killing off the young that is too ugly to contemplate.  What is that about?

    Instead, I take an image from Cirque du Soleil.   Look at it.   Believe in the magic that hard work can do.

                        Barack Obama in 2008!!


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