Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


When I was in Book Passage on Saturday night, a friend got all excited because there was a book on Knut, a polar bear saved in a German zoo.   She insisted I buy the book for my niece, so I am perusing it, and offer a video so you, too,  can enjoy Knut.

I didn't know that their "sense of smell is so good that some people call polar bears "noses with legs."  "They can smell a seal from ten football fields away and under three feet of ice."  Of course, maybe seals are really smelly. 

"Studies show that permanent ice in the Arctic has dropped by 9.8% every ten years since 1978."   We now have to worry that polar bears could become extinct in our lifetime.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video as you wait for the election results.  


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