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This morning while I was in my writing experience with Jane, I could hear Steve in the background talking to Mandu.  I sent Steve this poem, which came,  just for him.  I keep myself fairly private, I realize, about those things where I am most touched.  I sent this to Steve.  I share it now with you.  It seems okay to do.   

            Steve’s Voice

                   the hive,
            the honey, the bees
            that come
            from the flowers
            in the fields
            from the wisdom
             that thrums -

He replied: 

    I love this poem - and I appreciate that you enjoy my voice. I take great delight in your lilting voice as well; often when you are not even aware that I am listening.

     this is what love's about, and why it takes so long. I am not listening to the sound you make, but hearing the spirit behind that sound. for most of us, it just takes a long time to get around the loud voice of the self we listen to from birth, in order to hear the softer (and more beautiful) voice of the Self.

     I love you!!



I wrote a comment to National Geographic on the February 2006 article on Love.  I felt it missed some major points.  This is what I said. 

      Mark Twain said it took 25 years to know love.  Reading Lauren Slater’s article on “True Love,” I was struck by our paucity of words for love.  She seems to be speaking, at first, of lust, and maybe, by the end of her article she is coming to an understanding of more, through her comments on the hormone oxytocin, but, I think that Mark Twain is right on the time required for love.  A friend of mine works in a fertility clinic.  Some couples come in and discover they are not conceiving because they have been too busy to have sex.  Slater writes of hormones, but maybe love is simpler than that.  I’m going through chemo, and my husband loves the touch of my bare head.  Where some husbands are appalled, mine sees beauty.  Perhaps that is the novelty triggering dopamine, but isn’t it more romantic to imagine all that he sees in me, over all the years that have been and will come.  I think the place to learn of love is in poetry, the poetry monitoring our heart. 

Perhaps I am feeling particularly sensitive on this subject right now, as I just read a most beautiful love story that I highly recommend, "Sky Burial,"  by Xinran.  Not only is it an incredible  love story, but it, also,  gives a wonderful history and experience of China and Tibet.

      Bokonon said, “Let your life be the poem you write.”  

 I say, Let that life, that poem, be an infusion and absorption of the many petals of love.   There are multitudes of ways to bloom.


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