Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Poetry -

I just received the gift of a beautiful new poetry book, Quickening by Maureen Eppstein.  

It looks like a treasure trove and I open to this poem.

Swallow Nest

Ridge beam, crossbeam, and ceiling joist
a porch corner geometry, triangular, snug.

Swallows make high speed reconnaissance:
in on the south side, up to the corner, out,

as if checking the work of the carpenters
who sang the house into shape.

Satisfied, the swallows come
with feathers and dry grass.

    - Maureen Eppstein

I am particularly interested in construction right now as the installing of our new front door is taking a great deal of time and ingenuity as opening up the frame has revealed a few problems, and so each day, is a new lesson in how houses are put together, and how ours built so long ago would not meet the standards of today.   Perhaps, two more days will mean a new front door installed, and then, the front deck will be replaced as all this work has also revealed that it has some problems, so, I am very interested in swallows coming "with feathers and dry grass."

I am not feeling well tonight for some reason so am early to bed.  I have fought all this stuff off, and am not taking any chances.  I figure it is best to sleep it away.  Night, night!


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