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Evening -

I only went as far as Stinson Beach today.   There, I saw a little girl with her father.  She was playing with the ocean, and running along the sand, and jumping and squealing.   It was pure delight, and I thought of what it would have been like for me to be that age, and have the ocean for a playmate.  I was at the end of sixth grade when I first saw the ocean, the Atlantic, when we moved to West Palm Beach, and I've never forgotten the experience of it, the sand, water, shells, palms, warmth, and the constant banners of  waves.   Wow!

I introduced the ocean and beach one time to a friend who came out to California from Iowa.  I took her to Torrey Pines, my favorite beach at the time, and I could tell she wasn't able to see it.   She was like the frog who only sees food that flies, or the Forest people, who don't know how to handle a landscape without trees.

So, I told the father how much I appreciated his daughter's delight, and he said it was her first time at Stinson Beach.  They were newly come to Marin from Alaska.   They left before I did and I followed her small footprints in the sand as they danced.  The tide had moved out while we were there. 

While in Stinson, of course, I had to visit the bookstore, and there I bought Ivan Doig's The Whistling Season.  If you have not read it, get it now.  I have been laughing and crying all night.  It is one of the special ones.   I love it!!

According to the Pacific Sun, Marin led the way in percentage of votes for Barack Obama.  Statewide, Obama received 42 percent of the vote to Hillary's 52, but Obama carried Marin at 55% to Hillary's 39%, the largest spread of any county in the state.

It also seems Marin is a little peeved at PGE and is making plans to escape their clutch. There is a cartoon of PGE saying "I can't believe we get such a bad rap..... looks pretty green to me!"   They are sitting on piles of money in the cartoon.   In real life, Marin is going to try and become energy independent, and become a "community choice aggregator."

Meanwhile, FEMA has advice for winter storms, and what to do in a blackout.  We're supposed to "eat regularly and drink ample fluids, but avoid caffeine and alcohol."  Sounds like a joke, doesn't it, but remember this is FEMA.  Maureen Dixon's comment on that is this.  "FEMA has obviously never been left to fend for itself in downtown Fairfax during a storm.  Coffee, tea, beer, wine, mixed drinks and no doubt other substances were flowing and a very welcome sight during the last deluge."

Enjoy the night and indulge however suits you.  Listen to your heart roar and purr.


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