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Modern times -

I remember when we had to wait for the morning paper to be delivered.  Some mornings it didn't come until 7:00, but, now, thanks to the Internet, the Monday morning NY Times arrived in my email box today at 1:24 AM.   I am now fresh from reading more on the battle of Hillary and Barack.  Kindness and respect is called for by Paul Krugman.  He thinks Hillary has the stronger health care plan, and this is true.  She wants  universal health care coverage, and everyone needs to be in the pool for it  to work.  It is like with the public schools.

William Kristol suggests that  Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi could have a huge influence on the choice of the Democratic candidate.  It probably isn't too hard to figure out how they would prefer to lean, but we will see. 

Obviously, the Democratic party needs to unite around the person who can beat McCain.  

I would think Nancy Pelosi would like to see herself as the first woman president in eight years.

Bella is still not home.  I wait to hear the patter of her four little white feet.


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