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Joan, this morning on her blog, jblindsight.livejournal.com posts If I Was in Charge.  I agree with what she says and post it here.  You can also check out her blog for yourself.  It is bright pink and covered with hearts.

Joan's words:

Thinking about what is missing from the national conversation in this political season, I started listing a few of my own thoughts. First, while the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are huge, and the health of the US economy and its citizens is an enormous issue, there is no other issue that comes close to global warming in importance.

What I would like to see is global warming treated as THE national priority, a combination of the ways we reacted to the threats of Sputnik and Hitler.
- Educational emphasis in the schools and the media. We can market anything is this country, literally turn public opinion around on a dime. Let's do it!
- Integrate the Green Party's platform into the national diologue
- Tax incentives for building sustainable housing
- Updating of water treatment technologies
- Inclusion of new energy technologies in everything we build
- Focus on new waste remediation technologies (like the plasma arc)
- Focus on changing the culture/consumer habits. Simple things like decreased consumption of plastic water bottles. (easy enough given the documentation about the migration of molecules into the water and the negative health implications.)
- If any promising technology is bought up by a large corporation (say Exxon or GM) they should be hauled into court and charged with treason.

THAT'S the kind of change I want to see! Business can adapt and evolve, after all, it's in their best interests. We can vote with our dollars and our choices.


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