Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Spirit -

I suggest you read the comments on the last post.  There is comfort there.

I am doing much better.  This, with Bella, shows me so clearly how are all "one in spirit."   There is one spirit, and then, we condense into these different forms for experimentation and play.  It makes it all light and joyful to see and feel it this way.  I also see that life and death ARE one.  We flow in and out, and wind and unwind like a huge ball of yarn.

It doesn't mean we don't miss the physical form, because we do.  We ache, and it is delightful to know that spirit is flowing like grace.

Rhonda will be here soon, and we are off to be guided by Mitchell, and Bella, two wondrous forms in which spirit poured, and may still pour in Bella's case.

Steve is comforted by his dream that she "came home."  I know coming home can be interpreted in different ways.  

I have a car I love, a wonderful indulgence, and also, a very practical car, a convertible, a Honda S2000, so we will ride along, open to scent and air.

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